Newspaper Archives at the Public Library

Old newspaper articles make the perfect resource, no matter whether you’re trying to find your family’s heritage, or writing a college paper. Even if you’re just interested in historical events — the tragedy of the Titanic, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, or the cost of gas in 1915 — there’s very little that can compare with seeing the headlines, testimonies and ads from the genuine newspapers of the day.

It used to be a bit of a chore to have to visit public libraries in order to find news paper archives. Nowadays, while some public libraries still have hardcopies of newspaper archives, many online sources allow you to search for what you need without leaving the comfort of your home.

While there are many superb subscriptions sources for newspaper records, there’s also several free resources. This article lets you know where you can find outdated newspaper archives online, totally free.

Focus Your Research

Consider what you wish to search for. This might seem to be a Big Duh!, but it really pays to think about the specific search words you’ll be utilizing.

Say you’re trying to find news about your great grandfather. If his name was Jacobson Utzepnefer, it’s likely you have decent luck looking just on his name on it’s own. However, if grandpa’s name was John Smith, you’ll require some extra information — such as a city he lived in, his occupation, special day in his life, wife’s name — so that you can reduce the results.

Use Google News Archives

Head for Google News Archives and start your research. Surprisingly, their assortment of newspaper archives spans over four centuries, and is an extremely abundant source of information.

You should use the Timeline feature to limit your results to specific years. Their Advanced Search also allows you to pick results from certain locations (nationally or internationally), or in any manner reduce your search results.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Now for the best part. The second step, previously mentioned, provides you with a great sense of the number of articles are obtainable, and the things they include. But much of the results from Google News Archives come from membership services that may be expensive to gain access to.

Alternatively, visit one of the free websites containing newspaper archives, where you’ll discover a fantastic selection of links to free newspaper archives from the US. Utilize these to tweak your search, and find exactly what you’re trying to find. They’ve got details on no cost resources in America, in Europe, and in other places all over the world. Most of the offered newspapers will be in languages besides English, which may be very beneficial to people experienced with the language.

Invest some time getting acquainted with these websites because they include plenty of territory, both historically and geographically. Pick the newspaper and magazine collections which are most suitable to your specific interests as well as the time in place in history you’d like to know about.

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