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Free Movie Rentals at the Library

Movie rentals have been ubiquitous for quite some time now. From online streaming to mail-in services to those automated boxes you see at grocery stores and strip malls, you can’t go anywhere without having the opportunity to rent movies for just a few dollars compared to paying full price to own a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc that you’ll only watch once.

What many people overlook, is that your public library movies for you to borrow, for no cost at all.

When most people think about renting movies from a public library, they have preconceptions about nature documentaries and science programs geared more toward junior high school students. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with informative and educational material, the public library has so much more to offer in the way of movie rentals than you probably thought.

A trip the public library will reveal that their movie selection spans all genres – from classics to horror, science fiction and fantasy, romance, comedy, mystery, popular television series, anime, and in-depth documentaries. Quite often, public libraries even get in new movies on their release dates so that you don’t have to wait months to borrow that hot movie you missed in the theatre.

For film buffs who don’t quite have the budget or shelf space to drop a few thousand dollars for an ever-growing personal collection of movies, your public library will let you take out a few movies so you can go over those beloved classics and explore new films that you would otherwise pass up because of the cost of renting them.

You also don’t have to worry about the shelves being empty. The public library will let you hold a reserve copy of a movie, and will notify you of when it is in stock, and quite frequently the public library has multiple copies of popular selections so that you aren’t stuck waiting and going home empty handed.

The other thing that many people overlook when it comes to borrowing movies from the public library is that the selection is often broader than what you might find with the stand-by movie rental services. You can always be assured that when you walk into your local movie rental store that there will be tons of copies of the a few movies, but very little in the way of the less popular titles or avante guard movies. Even the big on-line streaming and mail-in services may brag about their incredible selection when compared to brick & mortar stores, but it only takes a quick search to realize that when it comes to independent films, foreign movies and television series (including those from the BBC), and movies that weren’t smash hits, that there are a lot of gaps in their lineups. Apart from a film institute or the occasional art house showing of a movie, the more obscure titles can be found more easily at your public library.

Sometimes you may find that your library doesn’t have a particular title in their movie catalog. Have no fear. With the interconnectivity of public libraries and electronic inter-library loans, a librarian can easily look on-line to see which libraries have the titles you want, and you can send a request to have it shipped to your public library so you can take the more hard to find titles home to enjoy.

The public library has made enormous strides over the years to keep up with the times, and they realize that the people who visit don’t get their information and recreational enjoyment from the pages of books alone, but from various multimedia sources. A few have even started carrying video games for public lending.

So the next time you are in the mood for a movie, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting in line or the risk of spending money on a movie that you might only enjoy for one viewing – or perrhaps you don’t want the frustration of bandwidth usage when streaming, or finding out that the more conventional movie rental services have a very limited selection – you should take a trip to your local public library. Odds are they have what you want to see, for free. Who knows, if you take your time to browse each section, you may find some titles that you are willing to take a chance on and end up broadening your horizons.

With all of these titles spanning every genre imaginable, by using the public library to borrow movies, you will not only be saving money, but you will quickly become the person who is suggesting movies for others to watch, rather than being the one waiting for weeks and months to catch the movies as they trickle onto the store shelves.

Visit your public library today. They’re for much more than books!



Check Out Kindle Books at the Library

See How Easily You Can Check Out a Kindle Book From Your Local Library


If you’ve been paying attention to the U.S. news media you may have noticed that it’s now possible to check out Amazon Kindle books from your local public library. That’s right; as long as you have a valid library card and an Amazon account, you can visit some 11,000 library sites and download Amazon Kindle books to your Kindle or Kindle app-enabled device via WiFi or USB. You can read the book on any generation Kindle device or free Kindle reading app.

Similar to regular books, libraries have a limited number of Kindle copies for each title so you will have to check availability. To see whether Kindle check-outs are available at a library near you, call your local librarian. Another similarity to physical books is that Kindle copies will have an expiration date — but after that date, they can either be renewed or purchased through Amazon, with all of your bookmarks and notations still intact. Kindle books feature real page numbers and Whispersync technology that synchronizes your notes, highlights, and last page read. For questions about availability of Kindle library books, loan duration, and terms of use, you should contact your local library.

How It Works

You can easily borrow Kindle books through your local library’s website and, with the click of a button, have them delivered to your Kindle device or free reading app.

• Visit the website of a United States library that offers digital services from OverDrive.

• Check out a Kindle book using your valid library card.

• Click on “Get for Kindle” and then sign in to your account to have the book delivered instantly to your Kindle device or reading app.


Public library books can be sent wirelessly to Kindle devices via an active Wi-Fi connection or transferred via USB. The service also has some other interesting features:

• Page numbers correspond to those in print editions.

• Facebook and Twitter integration lets you share favorite passages.

• Popular Highlights show Kindle owners’ comments on passages in books.

• Public Notes shares people’s opinions on books.

One last benefit that checking Kindle books out offers over physical books may not be so obvious. In a statement, Amazon’s Kindle director, Jay Marine said, “Normally, making margin notes in library books is a big no-no. But we’re fixing this by extending our Whispersync technology to library books, so your notes, highlights and bookmarks are always backed up and available the next time you check out the book or if you decide to buy the book.”



Newspaper Archives at the Public Library

Old newspaper articles make the perfect resource, no matter whether you’re trying to find your family’s heritage, or writing a college paper. Even if you’re just interested in historical events — the tragedy of the Titanic, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, or the cost of gas in 1915 — there’s very little that can compare with seeing the headlines, testimonies and ads from the genuine newspapers of the day.

It used to be a bit of a chore to have to visit public libraries in order to find news paper archives. Nowadays, while some public libraries still have hardcopies of newspaper archives, many online sources allow you to search for what you need without leaving the comfort of your home.

While there are many superb subscriptions sources for newspaper records, there’s also several free resources. This article lets you know where you can find outdated newspaper archives online, totally free.

Focus Your Research

Consider what you wish to search for. This might seem to be a Big Duh!, but it really pays to think about the specific search words you’ll be utilizing.

Say you’re trying to find news about your great grandfather. If his name was Jacobson Utzepnefer, it’s likely you have decent luck looking just on his name on it’s own. However, if grandpa’s name was John Smith, you’ll require some extra information — such as a city he lived in, his occupation, special day in his life, wife’s name — so that you can reduce the results.

Use Google News Archives

Head for Google News Archives and start your research. Surprisingly, their assortment of newspaper archives spans over four centuries, and is an extremely abundant source of information.

You should use the Timeline feature to limit your results to specific years. Their Advanced Search also allows you to pick results from certain locations (nationally or internationally), or in any manner reduce your search results.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Now for the best part. The second step, previously mentioned, provides you with a great sense of the number of articles are obtainable, and the things they include. But much of the results from Google News Archives come from membership services that may be expensive to gain access to.

Alternatively, visit one of the free websites containing newspaper archives, where you’ll discover a fantastic selection of links to free newspaper archives from the US. Utilize these to tweak your search, and find exactly what you’re trying to find. They’ve got details on no cost resources in America, in Europe, and in other places all over the world. Most of the offered newspapers will be in languages besides English, which may be very beneficial to people experienced with the language.

Invest some time getting acquainted with these websites because they include plenty of territory, both historically and geographically. Pick the newspaper and magazine collections which are most suitable to your specific interests as well as the time in place in history you’d like to know about.

Save Money Using The Resources At The Library

Nowadays saving money is a challenge especially when you want to have some fun like watching movies, playing games and many other things. What many and you may not know is that you can save up tons if you know where to look. Discover how you can Save Money by Using Resources at Your Local Public Library.

Sshhh! That something you commonly hear in the library. Not anymore. Old dusty and unused libraries now have a new glint of sparkle with it. You can now actually save up money when you visit the library. New age libraries not only have books to feed your mind knowledge, extra information and educational needs but it now has cutting edge technology that you never thought you public library will ever have.


Yes, books are still the best things a library can offer to you. But now books available on libraries are not the old type educational books but now also offer new popular books such as the oh-so popular fiction story book: Twilight. Not only new fictional books can be read in the new approved library but also books about romance and jokes.
Libraries now offer shelves of different categories such as poetry, romantic escapades, tales adventures, book lessons from music and other more and even recipes for mothers and cooks and also travel guides.

Adding up is the new digital books, E-Books. If you want a book but it’s no longer available then e-books are perfect. Libraries now also have e-books of any topics. Remember all this books and e-books are free to read. No need to spend money to buy books you love. People often buy these books or guides only once. Why waste just go to the nearest library and save up.

Internet Surfing

Are you in dire need to get online already. Don’t want to add up extra bills from internet connection then your local library is the answer. Many libraries now have computers and also offer free internet access. You can now update your Facebook status, shop online, email friends everything you want to do online.

What if you need a computer on a certain time? Then all you have to do is reserve a computer in advance by calling the library or through online or maybe by visiting the library ahead of time for reservation.  Some libraries also have free Wi-Fi access so even if you weren’t able to reserve but have your own laptop you can surf online for free.

Watch Movies

Do you love watching movies but you’re always on a tight budget? Don’t want to buy DVD movies that you’re only going to watch once? Well surprisingly, your local library has the answers for your problem.

Instead of renting movies on rental stores, you can now borrow and watch movies in libraries. You could borrow and watch movies of any genre like old classic movies or maybe, new movies, children DVDs and even the entire collection of your favorite TV series.

You can even watch and borrow educational DVDs that you may need as a reference on projects, research papers and others such as independent films, how babies are formed inside the womb and alike. You can also borrow DVD lessons such as how to play the piano, how to play the guitar and the likes.

With only fraction of the amount you can rent the DVDs for an entire night! So much better than buying DVDs, right. But what if you want to watch movies on the theaters? The library answered your prayers. With tickets costing only under $12, you can watch movies on cinemas. Did you know that some cool movies are never released on popular cinema houses it’s because some of them are independent films? You can also watch vintage movies that are rarely played on cinemas and hard to find old movies on DVDs.  You can now enjoy a great night with classics and friends without spending too much.

Not only you can watch movies, you can also rent cds that you love.  Although just make sure you don’t break it.

Games Galore

Who said that libraries aren’t fun. You can now actually play games at the comfort of a library. All you have to do is rent rather than buying game consoles. Libraries now offer rentable game consoles such as Wii, PS3, PS2 and other game consoles. You can now actually leave your kids playing video games then get bored then study all in one place.

Fun Activities

“Libraries are boring” Not anymore. Children and adults can now have fun activities in the library. Not only there are video games available to rent for kids and adult’s alike, fun activities are now also offered by libraries. Kids can enjoy activities such as story-telling, art lessons, and other more fun activities. You can ask your library for free resources for kids.

As mentioned, adults can also enjoy these kinds of activities. You can join workshops of different subjects than can also help your social life. Book clubs are also rampant on libraries’ activities.

There are also free events you can check out. There is no end on free vents you can see on your libraries’ calendar. From seminars, to speeches, special performances and concerts are listed. You may even see a funny and out of this world events across USA. Your weekends and holidays will never be boring.

Special Space

Your home may be your comfort zone but too much comfort may end up with no work. Libraries can provide peace and quiet place to concentrate on your work. It’s also a great place to meet up with clients, professionals and other important meetings. It’s a great place as an office. Expect a great productive workday. All you need to do is reserve ahead of time – for meetings and conferences.

Libraries now have divided rooms and spaces for different activities. Families can now enjoy a great entertaining and educational days at libraries. Now as expected to all of these lists you can actually Save Money by Using Resources at Your Local Public Library.